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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 10, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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with cleto and the cletones. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, anthony anderson. from "the hunger games," jena malone. and music from chris cornell, with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the most part,
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome to the show. [ applause ] thanks for joining us. tonight. you know, tonight from milwaukee the fourth republican presidential debate featuring donald trump -- one guy from milwaukee got really excited. donald trump, ben carson, other people. their names escape me. but tonight's debate was televised on the fox business channel. between now and november of next year, every cable network gets a debate. next week is the e! news debate moderated by ryan seacrest and caitlyn jenner. this debate was a little different from the last one. the moderators from cnbc were attacked for being too tough
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last time around. tonight nooet cavuto promised his goal was to be invisible, which i think jeb bush has that same debate goal. [ applause ] i'm starting to get bored by these debates. no one asked me but i would like to see them have a drunk debate. everyone gets loaded and we find out what they really think about things. only the candidates polling above 2.5% got to be in the main debate tonight. the other guys were demoted to the kids' table, the early debate. good luck fighting chris christie for the mcnuggets at the kids' table. hold on. i just want to explain that joke because he's enormous. trump and ben carson had the honor of standing at center stage because they're the funniest ones. and that had to be uncomfortable because donald trump was in springfield, illinois, yesterday. he had a lot of things to say about ben carson and the stories he tells about stabbing a
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classmate, hitting his mother with a hammer. things he says happened when he was a kid. i know you're laughing but those are the real stories. but donald also weighed in on the important subject of starbucks not having christmas themed design on their cups this year. >> starbucks is taking merry christmas off. no more merry christmas. i will tell you, lots of bipg things, little things. you can call this anything you want, if i become president we're all going to be saying merry christmas again. that i can tell you. >> jimmy: even if you're jewish. i don't -- i don't care -- [ applause ] -- muslim or jewish. i don't care if you've got three hamakas on, you're doing to say merry christmas, damn it. that wasn't even the best part of the rally yesterday. pay close attention to the woman on the top right corner of your screen group can't miss her because she's the only one in
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>> i don't like donald trump's tone. don't like my tone. you know, i built a great company and i actually have a great temperament for success. i have a great temperament. i will tell you. and i don't like being ripped off like we're being ripped off. i am not a big sleeper. three hours, four hours. i turn and twist and think. i want to find out what's going on. and you know, i'm the only one. i'm self funding my campaign. i putting up my own money, right? >> jimmy: and back to my book. [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know what? when oprah tells you to read the book, you read the book. meanwhile, jeb bush is still run for president. that has been confirmed. he was on a web series wednesday called "16 and president" where he was asked about some of the e-mails he gets.
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bizarre e-mail that you've gotten. >> if you could go back in time and kill baby hitler, would you? i need to know. >> would you? >> hell yeah, i would. >> even if he was really cute. >> no, look, you've got to step up, man. >> jimmy: you got to step up, man. i think that's the most energy jeb bush has ever shown. and it was for murdering a baby. it was for -- watch that clip online today and before they let me see jeb bush talking about killing baby hitler i first had to watch a 15-second ad for york peppermint pattys. it's a different time. it really is. with all that's going on president obama, i must have one foot out the door because he joined facebook yesterday. he posted this. he says, hello, facebook. i finally got my very own page. i hope you'll think of this as a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues face ourg country, a place where you can hear directly from me and share your own thoughts and stories.
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you can expect some just for fun stuff, too. he obviously isn't familiar with how facebook works because there will be no real conversations about our country. just post pictures of joe biden wearing his backpack in front of the white house on the first day of congress or something. it will be fine. maybe leave a poop emoji on vladimir putin's wall once in a while and you will be set. hey, this is amazing. a painting by the italian artist was just sold at auction for $170.4 million. it's a second highest price ever paid for a painting at auction. a picasso sold for $179.4 million. i don't know with the .4 but $170 million is a lot. it's like a whole "iron man" movie. it's a fortune. but it's actually a great value. for $170 million you're not just getting the painting you get the opportunity to be the target of a heist. woman.
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who is going to be super bummed when he finds out about free internet porn. but i wanted to show this to you. i wanted to show you the painting but our standards of practices department, these are the network censors. even if it's a master work of art they have to blurry out the nipples and other parts. they say if that nude part is used, you have to obscure the area. guillermo, i'm going to need you to help me with this. come over here. [ applause ] i need you to stand like right here. "jimmy kimmel live" >> guillermo: right here, okay. >> jimmy: stand straight up and perfectly still, okay? now, let's put the painting up on the wall. there you go.
11:43 pm
you got to -- [ applause ] you got to stay still. if you move even an inch we're in trouble. the painting is called means reclining nude. if i move even slightly, it's all over. we are fined by the fcc. guillermo guillermo, if you sneeze, we're out of business. if i were to do this, i mean, oh, my god. guillermo, you got to step just a little -- come on. i need -- just a little right. okay. yes? okay. now, that's -- see, that's art. that was fun. [ applause ] go back to your spot. $170 million for a painting. you know where they're hanging it? in the guest bathroom at their house. here's something that could have an impact on your thanksgiving day plan. macy's, sears, and target this year are all going to be open on thanksgiving.
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they will open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day which i hate that. i'm waiting for costco to open on thanksgiving so instead of dinner go have the samples and save. the idea i guess is the stores want to get a head start on black friday. but here's a little tip. a lot of people don't seem to know. that store opened on black friday also open every other day of the year. i guess it comes down to who you would rather fight with on thanksgiving, your mother or a stranger who wants that same big screen tv. but thanksgiving is potentially very lucrative day for retailers, which is why sears is making a strong push this year for your holiday dollar. >> thanksgiving is just around the corner. >> and so is black friday. but why wait until the day after to get amazing deals on the hottest gifts of the season? >> sears will be open starting day. open. >> sears will be open. >> and not just on thanksgiving, sears is open tomorrow. >> and the next day. sears will be open every day. >> sunday.
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>> open. >> open. >> monday evening. >> yep, open. >> wednesday. >> closed. >> kidding. >> we'll be there. sears is open. >> sears is not closed. sears is open. wide open. >> you heard us, sears still exists. we have employees and products and everything. applianceses. floors. >> if you want it, we've got it. we would love to sell it to you. >> please, come to sears. >> please. >> sears, technically still in business. >> jimmy: very good news. yeah, we are going to take a break. when we come back we're going to try to guess if people on the street are a couple, siblings, or strangers in tonight's pedestrian question. so stick around. we'll be right back. how you doing? hey! how are you? r
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sage cc1 test mes [ applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. anthony anderson, jena malone and music from chris cornell is on the way tonight. first, direct your attention to our band leader cleto. i don't know if you can see, is sporting a -- well, how would you describe that? >> it's not going as good as i thought it would go. >> jimmy: you're going this for movember? >> yeah. men's health. it seemed very ambiguous, this movember. >> be healthy. >> get your testicles squeezed this month. he is growing a horrible mustache. it's least you can do. we're going to be monitoring
11:50 pm
your mustache closely. right now you're in what we call the prince phase. and then, can you see that? hopefully by the end of the month you will go full like tom selleck selleck, a beautiful, bushy mustache. >> i promise. >> jimmy: look at guillermo laughing at you, by the way. every month is uil guillermovember. a lot of people outside need to be watched at all times. we watched them. we went out on the street and asked pairs of people walking by, are you a couple, siblings, or strangers. so the way this works is we'll see two people, introduce themselves, and based on this very superficial first impression we'll try to guess how or if they are related to one another. do you understand? okay. good. let's play.
11:51 pm
>> hey, what's your name? >> wendy. >> alisa. >> are you guys a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> are they couple, siblings, or strangers? siblings is the answer from the majority of the audience. let's see. >> we're a couple. >> a couple. >> jimmy: that's right. which is the answer we were looking for. a wave of horniness suddenly went through the audience. next up -- hey, what's your name? >> jake. >> kelly. >> are you guys a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> are jake and kelly -- couple, siblings, strangers? the audience is very split here. we don't have any measuring devices, so let's find out what they say. >> we are strangers. >> strangers. [ applause ] >> jimmy: she was his girlfriend there's no way she would let him wear that shirt. who is next? >> hi.
11:52 pm
>> hello. >> how are you? >> how's it going? >> what's your name? >> avery. >> kim. >> are you guys, a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> jimmy: are they a couple, sibling, or strangers? audience says couple? a few strange, mostly couple. let's see. >> strangers. >> strangers. >> jimmy: they didn't seem too sure about that, though, did they? next up? >> hi, what's your name? >> jordan. >> justin. >> are you guys a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> jimmy: most everyone says couple. let's see. are they a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> strangers. >> jimmy: that could have gone either way. he had the -- the x factor was the iggy azalea shirt. our next pedestrian pair is -- >> hi, what's your name? >> bailey. >> conner. >> are you guys a couple,
11:53 pm
>> siblings. >> jimmy: oh, everybody seems very resolute about this one. and the verdict is? >> siblings. [ applause ] >> jimmy: by the way, guillermo -- is it just me or did they seem disappointed? all right. next? >> hi. >> hi. >> what's your name? >> brandon. >> victoria. >> are you guys a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> couple. >> jimmy: i'm hearing couple and siblings. i'm not hearing strangers. brandon and victoria are related how? >> couple. >> couple. >> jimmy: they're a couple. sounds like they might not be a couple for long but they're a couple. we have two more. >> hi, what's your snam? >> lexi. >> todd. >> are you guys a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> jimmy: lexi and todd. the loudest portion of the
11:54 pm
audience is saying strangers. let's find out. >> strangers. >> strangers. >> do you think there could be more? >> maybe. >> i need a green card. >> i can help with that. >> jimmy: they're making love behind the wetzels pretzels. one more. >> hi, what's your name? >> shane. >> kristen. >> are you guys, a couple, siblings, or strangers? >> are shane and kingston couple, siblings, or strangers? >> strangers. >> jimmy: it would be weird if they were strangers. let's find out. >> siblings. >> do you want to give your brother a kiss? >> no! no! [ applause ] >> jimmy: get that kid a kootity ie shot. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, music from chris cornell. jena malone is here. and we'll be right back with anthony anderson. so stick around. r the best of everything is even better during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration r where new seafood combinations like
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. tonight from the new "hunger games" movie "hunger games: mockingjay part two" jena malone is here. then later, a multi-grammy award winner. this is his new solo album called "higher truth." crist corn nell is with us tonight. tomorrow night on the show our guests are -- where is it? let's see.
12:00 am
"agents of "shield," adrianne palicki, with music from dave gahan and soulsavers. and thursday night, julia roberts, the kids from "black-ish," and music from future. if, by the middle of the week you're sick of your own family, why not spend a bit of time with "black-ish" airs wednesday nights here on abc. please welcome anthony anderson. [ applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. i like your suit, by the way. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: it's a good look. it's bold but you pull it off. >> i try to. >> jimmy: you look good. how is life? >> life is great. i can't blame. >> jimmy: is your second season "black-ish" it's not just in america, it's on all over the world. >> it's on all over the world.
12:01 am
>> budapest, bangladesh, iran, pakistan, africa. >> jimmy: wow. >> and compton. >> jimmy: it's on in pakistan? >> it's on in pakistan, man. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah, they tell me i get calls, you should hear yourself speak farsi. >> jimmy: have you? >> no i haven't had a chance to meet the guy at all. >> jimmy: that's something. there's no blackish people over there. >> they're brownish. >> jimmy: maybe they translate it into brownish. >> might be on to something. >> jimmy: the show is on in africa, i know? >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: you've been to africa. how many times have you been there? >> three times. >> jimmy: three times. >> yes. >> jimmy: did people know you there when you got there? >> my very first trip to ghana a few years ago they knew me from my movies. i just recently went back to south africa a couple of times in the last couple of years and most recently in august, and i
12:02 am
and all i hear is "black-ish," "black-ish." i found out they had just started airing the first season of "black-ish" this past august. it was exciting. >> jimmy: isn't that crazy? >> yes. "black-ish" on the blackest continent on the earth, yes. >> jimmy: well, of any place, that's going to be the place to go, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: is it something, though. imagine these people in totally different cull tures are watching this show that you're making on a sound stage here. >> it's pretty amazing. really amazing group walk through cape town and all that and you see brothers look at you and just -- they saw the nod episode, cool, cool. all right. >> jimmy: inside jokes with them. >> translates. >> jimmy: that is nice. you hosted an award show over there, right? >> yes. i hosted the mtv african music awards in durbin. >> jimmy: how did that happen? >> i have no idea, man. i just got a phone call. hey, would you like to come over here? sure, why not. but i found out that we all have
12:03 am
>> jimmy: who does? >> all of us. you got a twin over there. i didn't bump into your twin. but i bumped into angela -- not angela. viola davis. there's an african viola davis which is kind of weird because american viola davis looks like the african viola davis. african will smith, african soldier boy, african gucci man. if you thought american gucci man was hideous, wait until you see african gucci man. they were all twins. white in america, please forgive black men for being late. it's in our dna. >> jimmy: you believe that? >> everybody is late in africa. the darker they were, the later they were. so bosses in america, please forgive your black workers for showing up 10 to 15 minutes late. >> jimmy: but. on the other hand, they're winning all the marathons, so it
12:04 am
[ cheers and applause ] by the way, your dad on "black-ish" is my twin, i think. i'll tell you what i , i know it seems weird but i was read tlug a newspaper years ago. i think i showed him the picture. i saw the picture, why am i in the newspaper. i realize it was laurence fishburne. >> really? cataracts? >> jimmy: if you examine our faces very closely, there are some similarities. >> okay, pops. >> jimmy: i find this crazy because we've known each other a long time. >> long time. >> jimmy: and in the first years of the show you were here a lot and your mom was here with you a lot. >> uh-huh. mother. show? >> jimmy: well, do you want me to say the real reason she's banned from the show? >> not on air. we'll talk off air. >> jimmy: the real reason is anthony don't let her come to the show.
12:05 am
she's not coming. yeah. >> no. >> jimmy: but you are now going to host a show with your mom. >> yes. >> jimmy: tell us about this. >> we're doing a reboot of game show called "to tell the truth" from the late '60s and on. it was on for 30 years. betty white was on 50 episodes of the original "to tell the truth." i have her on as my celebrity judge along with mimi leaks and who else? who else do i have on there? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> jalen rose. and my mother. >> jimmy: and your mother. >> my mother is the official scorekeeper. >> jimmy: has anyone ever cohosted a show of any kind with their mother? >> no. >> jimmy: maybe joan and melissa rivers. >> this may be the first and the last. in this incarnation. >> jimmy: i wish the audience -- they will get a sense of your mom. how is she reacting to being the real star of an actual television show? >> she actually thinks she is the star of the show.
12:06 am
i'm like, no, mom, you're just the scorekeeper. we don't even have to go to you if we don't want to. >> jimmy: but we also know guillermo is the star for this show, for instance. [ applause ] is she being difficult? >> she's not being difficult. she just has certain requests. my mother lives in bellflower so she insists they pick her up and go to work. that's too far for me to drive every day so they need to send me a driver. then she's there, i don't like this food. popeyes. chicken. we'll get you fried. >> i have to. >> jimmy: the producer sends you have as a buffer. >> my mother has an entourage of eight. i don't know what for. but she -- >> jimmy: family? >> i have no idea who these people are. but there are eight people surrounding my mother. not one of them does hair, makeup, or wardrobe.
12:07 am
don't know who they are. >> jimmy: wow, that's something. i am so shocked that you're doing this. i really am. i can't imagine you making this decision. >> it's fun, though, man. >> jimmy: is it? >> i don't have to write a check to her. abc does. >> jimmy: that makes a lot more sense. anthony anderson is here with "black-ish." we'll be right back. give extra. get extra. the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. the network that's doubled its lte coverage in the past year. our new extended range lte
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>> jimmy: jena malone and chris cornell. this is anthony anderson. "black-ish" airs wednesdays nights. do you have that photo you wanted to show? >> zoom in. zoom in. >> jimmy: see what i mean? >> okay. if i close my eyes and tilt my head, i can see that. >> jimmy: you see what i'm saying? there's a little something there. very little. do people ever confuse you for other famous people? >> they do. ruben studdard, ice cube. but while i was in africa this summer i was in the lounge flying back from cape town. i was taking pictures with the employees there. this lady walked up and said, who is that, who is that? they were like, oh, american actor. and she's like, oh, yes,
12:14 am
and she -- you know, does this woman think i'm him? i had a stroke of luck and upgraded or he fell the hell off. but in all places, in africa i was confused. >> jimmy: maybe she was thinking of howie mandel la? >> possibly. >> jimmy: the plots on your show are -- and part of the reason the show is so funny and detailed is that you take them from your real life and from the real lives of the writers. >> yes. >> jimmy: this is something that -- do you look around for these stories that so that you can remember them? >> no, we just come. we talk about our life experiences and everything that we're going through. our entire first season last year was taken from kenya bar ris' life and my life and now we just incorporating a lot of other things. this episode that's on this week is about me take anything daughter to college for her
12:15 am
first college as well as kenya's fear of flying, who -- kenya created this show and he's a partner in this and he has a severe fear of flying. >> jimmy: what does he do? >> he's heavily medicated. >> jimmy: he is. >> heavily medicated. you know, you would think he's on heroin the way he is. but, no, it's prescribed from his doctor. he walks on the plane drooling and stumbling over things. and you know, we have to sit him in his seat and treat him like a 3-month-old baby. we have to burp him, take him to the bathroom, make sure he doesn't swallow his tongue. but it's -- it's pretty amazing, man, to see how this man reacts to a plane. he calls it a tin bus in the sky. >> jimmy: what if the flight is delayed and he's taken the medication? >> no, no, no, see, that's -- that's slippery slope right there because he takes the medication and it kicks in when nobody is around. like we were flying to new york
12:16 am
tracy ellis roth just happened to walk past the restaurant and see the medicine kick in on kenya. and he almost hit the table. she got him, brought him on to the plane. he left his cellphone. he left his airline ticket in the restaurant. the managers from the restaurant is like, i think mr. barris needs these things. >> jimmy: sounds like he's a disaster. sounds like he's not the guy that should be running your show. >> no, he can definitely run the show. he just can't fly. >> jimmy: he will not be taking pilot lessons? >> no. >> jimmy: say hello to your mother. please bring her. next time -- >> mama, jimmy is lying. you know you're always welcome here with me. "black-ish" airs wednesdays at 9:30 on abc. we'll be back with jena malone.
12:17 am
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meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and you could get a $100 rebate from your energy company. learn more at test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain >> jimmy: still to come, music from chris cornell. our next guest is known to millions as the young lady with an axe the weapon, not the body spray. she plays johanna mason in "hunger games: mockingjay part
12:22 am
>> you saw peter, didn't you? tell him hi for me? we're old friends, you know. capital. screams. >> i'm going to kill snow. >> jimmy: "mockingjay part 2" opens in theaters november 20th. please say hello to jena malone. [ cheers and applause ] your hair is all grown back, i see. >> i know, right, from the bald cap. it was -- >> jimmy: oh, it was a bald cap. i guess you didn't have to grow it back then. >> i did shave the back of it so i had this weird kind of half shaved. >> jimmy: it's weird the bald cap works because you think it would be lumpy because you have hair and hair -- >> but it was way more than a bald cap. it was like a cgi experiment. we had like little dots and trackers.
12:23 am
also had a bald head that was brought in to kind of also film some of my sequences. >> jimmy: you had a stunt head. >> i had a stunt head. it was incredible. >> jimmy: she had to shave her head. >> i think she already had a shaved head, i'm hoping. >> jimmy: i don't know. you know. stunt heads, they have to do that sort of thing for work. >> it's a good thing as woman to shave your head. i had done it twice before. i remember when we were getting ready to do "mockingjay part 2," all right, what do you want me to do? you know, i think it's going to be out of sequence, over ten months. >> jimmy: it seems like it was it would be freeing to not have to worry about hair at all. >> yeah. unless it's winter, when it's not very freeing. >> jimmy: and then you can wear cute hats and bonnets or what not, whatever women wear. >> bonnet. you can wear a bonnet. why is that just a woman thing? >> jimmy: you're right. maybe around easterly break that out. i learned something interesting about you because i grew up in las vegas. >> i lived in vegas.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: you grew up in sparks, nevada. >> i lived in spark, nevada. >> jimmy: where did you live in las vegas? >> i don't even remember. i was 9 years old. i lived a bunch of places. all over. >> jimmy: okay. the best part is your grandpa, is this your grandpa and grandma? >> carl, so sweet. >> jimmy: grandpa carl had his own casino. what is it? >> carl's silver club. >> jimmy: is this a slot machine of carl? >> yeah. that's carl, they made him a slot machine. it's literally the best thing ever. >> jimmy: where is this slot machine? >> it's in my dad's house. >> jimmy: it is? >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow, yeah, your dad could still get money from his dad, i guess, huh? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's pretty excellent. as a kid, think your grandfather was a super hero. did you go to this casino? >> it was bankrupt the year i was born. it's still there. it's still there. i think they tried to expand and they kind of had problems like everywhere else in the '80s, i'm sure. >> jimmy: i see. i see.
12:25 am
wow, that's crazy. >> amazing. >> jimmy: i read about your grandfather today because i was curious about it. he popularized -- kind of invented the dollar slot machine. did you though? >> i didn't know that. >> jimmy: yep. see how much you can learn? >> i didn't know. [ applause ] give him a round of applause for looking up my grandfather? >> jimmy: i have google. >> well, you know, let's flip the table a bit. before i came on i went on twitter, this thing that these kids are doing these days. i asked people if they had any questions for you. >> jimmy: really? >> there was a couple of questions. >> jimmy: all right. >> people were excited about. >> jimmy: okay. what were they? >> it's really good. the first one was, would you consider growing your beard out so you could hang christmas ornaments on it? >> jimmy: yeah, i would think about it. yeah. >> good. a whole new like christmas show. >> jimmy: that's a great question. >> all right. the second question is, what do
12:26 am
you have to do when you have to pee and there's cameras all around you? >> jimmy: what do i do on the show when i have to pee? i have a bucket down here under the desk. >> see. people want to know. >> jimmy: i'm able to hold it for a full hour. amazing. one of my many gifts. so you have an instagram account that's very popular. these are some photos that you and your friends take of each other and of yourself. is this the name of your group? >> well, we went -- two of my best friends across the country this summer and it was this beautiful road trip. and as we went it was sort of like flying by the seat of our panties. we were like, oh, my god, we're the flying panties. i actually got little badges made. >> jimmy: these are the badges that you had made? >> yeah. >> jimmy: who made these, a professional? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i figured you made that in the backseat on the road trip. >> oh. >> jimmy: so this is a photo. is that you in there? >> uh-huh. me and jacqueline, incredible
12:27 am
poet, and shelby duncan, photographer took that. >> jimmy: where were you there? >> arkansas. pretty much in arkansas, every time we pulled off it was the most incredible watering holes. this one was random. it had a swing. it was so perfect. >> jimmy: are you supposed to swim in this water? is it healthy? >> yeah, there were people swimming. >> jimmy: okay. >> it was good. >> jimmy: were you thrown out of the car? >> this is in oklahoma. and literally the earth was like silk. it was so soft and beautiful. we just ended up rolling around and taking pictures. >> jimmy: and then you got back in the car very dirty? >> yeah, we did, actually. then i think we found another watering hole, which is perfect. >> jimmy: i wish i was that relaxed in my life. i really do. now, what the hell is going on in this picture? >> we're just taking photos. >> jimmy: now, are you one of these camera people? are you taking the picture here? >> i think i'm the one completely nude on the left. [ applause ] >> jimmy: did this cause any car accidents or anything like that?
12:28 am
i mean, we took back roads the whole time. this was -- >> jimmy: funny that we couldn't show the nipple on the artwork? no problem. look, who took this one? >> this is when we raided like a sex shop in -- >> jimmy: i would love to go on one of these trips with you. >> it's fun. you should go on one yourself with two of your friends. >> jimmy: no, i don't want to go on one myself. my friends, i can imagine doing this with my friends. >> i actually think you should. you should recreate them. road trip. i'm going to be car following your road trip the whole way. beautiful. give my best to your family. and tell them thanks for the dollar slot machine. loves it. >> it's amazing. jena malone! "the hunger games: mockingjay
12:29 am
november 20th. we'll be right back with chris
12:30 am
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anthony anderson, jena malone, and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, this is his album is called "higher truth." here with the song "nearly forgot my broken heart," chris cornell! every time i stare into the sun trying to find a reason to go on all i ever get is burned and blind until the sky bleeds the pouring rain when you came along the time was right pulled me like an apple red and ripe wasn't very long you took a bite and did me wrong and it serves me right and i nearly forgot
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it's taking me miles away from the memory of how we broke apart here we go round again again every little key unlocks the door every little secret has a lie trying to take a picture of the sun it won't help you to see the light every little word upon your lips makes a little cut where blood pours out every little drop of blood a kiss that i won't miss not for anything and i nearly forgot my broken heart it's taking me miles away
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here we go round again every single feeling tells me this is leading to a heart in broken little pieces and you know i need this like a hole in the head every single feeling tells me this is leading to a heart in broken little pieces and you know i need this
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like a hole in the head and i nearly forgot it's taking me miles away from the memory of how we broke apart and i nearly forgot my broken heart it's taking me miles away of how we broke apart here we go round again oh oh oh oh here we go round again oh oh oh oh here we go round again [ applause ] josephine
12:35 am
again the sun is rising on my troubled heart don't deny you know you and i are the making of what fate just can't pull apart my sweet josephine won't you come and marry me i got every kind of love that you would ever need dying here on bended knees sheets of rain cold and gray run down the page
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